Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bright and Shiny at Bergamot

It was one beautiful object after another yesterday at the Bergamot Station gallery complex in Santa Monica. Some shows were still being mounted, others are about to close. Here is a round-up of my favorites.

Frank Pictures Gallery - Camomile Hixon (through 3/27)
Test Pattern, 2012
acrylic, glitter, 24x36
Rosamund Felson - Tim Ebner (through 3/10)
Untitled Fish (fabric). 2011-2012
Sewn fabric, leather, fill, steel poles and bases
the fish bodies are sewn from fabrics
Craig Krull - Lita Albuquerque (closes 2/25)
287 Steps Installation, 2012
Wind Painting 01.05.12 3:33:10pm PST, 2012
Pigment on canvas
see more here
Gold Suits no. 1-3, 2011-2012
Gold leaf covered suits, pigment on canvases
the suits and raggedy bits of gold leaf
slowly wafted in the air currents
Latin American Masters - Olga de Amaral (through 4/14)
Resonancia III, 2009
somehow she weaves pigment bits
Olga's work captivated me so much that I bought the catalog. ISBN 9780963939944

Then there's Beatrice Wood at SMMoA. The show has been running for months (last day is today, 2/25) - I had NO IDEA how amazing it is, especially her luster ware. "No photos allowed" so here's an image I pulled from the LA Times blog
Luster Plates and Goblets (3 settings from a set of 10) n.d.
New Mexico Museum of Art
source: LA Times