Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting motivated for 2012, SpyGirl style

The task:
"IFB Project #28: Create A Motivational Mood Board
For this week’s project, we are challenging our community to create a motivational mood board for your blog. Gather images, quotes, outfits, any little tid-bits of inspiration, and put them together so you can visualize everything you want to achieve for yourself and your blog in 2012. You can create a physical board, using magazines and a cork board (for example) or make a collage on your computer – we just want to see your vision!"

My version:
I lay open all the SpyGirl sketchbooks that I am currently working on, plus my big project for my next art exhibition in April - May in Santa Monica.

click on images to see bigger

1) ArtHouse Sketchbook 2012: "In 10 Minutes" --
need to finish sticking Pantone chips to the cover and send by 1/15

2) ArtHouse Sketchbook Ltd Edition: "Threads and Surfaces" -- due April

3) Frame for the "Fashion Icon" art show.
Need to have 3 complete by mid-Feb, all complete by 4/20

4) test print for projects 2 + 3

5) my muse, the original Spy Girl sketch (story here)

6) "Pattern Recognition" sketchbook. Started 12/15/11
(this is the back end of "Lines and Grids" ArtHouse Sketchbook 2011 that I never finished because I didn't like where I was going)

7) gaudy glittered religious art purchased at Austin flea in 97(?) - inspiration for Fashion Icons

8) "Where In the World" sketchbook, started 12/14/11

9) new red moleskine sketchbook, theme TBD

10) ""Time Traveler" sketchbook. My fashion history starting from 6/10 and working backwards. (I think. Only have title page done)

11) "Haiku to My Closet" started with IFB #2, 6/28/11

12) "Into the Flowers" sketchbook. Started 5/6/11

13) SpyGirl drawing template

14) Pantone "100 Top Colors" fan guide -- going to use in a Pantone-themed sketchbook, probably for Int'l Fake Journal 2012 during April (and beyond)

gee, April looks to be INTENSELY busy

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