Friday, January 6, 2012

shopping report: Boxing Day in Santa Monica

With Severo, our intrepid guide (and shopper extraordinaire),
we braved the Santa Monica Place and the Promenade
It was a lovely sunny soCal day as this gal clearly shows
We started our bargain safari at Old Navy. I must confess, this was my first time in there. (The TV ads are so repellently tacky I have never bothered). I was pleasantly surprised - the deal of the day was the 2-pack of knit gloves for 62¢ (marked down from $2.50). That comes out to
15.5¢ per glove!
While we waited on line (which moved surprisingly quickly)
Severo found this "Guitar Shirt"
I think you play it?
OK, enough of that.
The kool kids were out
shopping in Urban Outfitters
taking their new Christmas sweaters for a spin
hanging out in funny hats
or busking on the Promenade,
the Christopher Brothers rock out
We eschewed the mayhem of the Apple Store
For the relative quiet of Santa Monica Place
(the velvet rope to nowhere)
We saw pretzel couture outside Rockenwagner
Those pretzels made us hungry. (kidding)
Read the details of our lunch at BP Oysterette over on my Glutton blog [soon].
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