Saturday, January 7, 2012

Web Crawl: Go Chic or Go Home

Want to peek into my closet? Are you sure? 
there it is... over my right shoulder 
[excuse me while I torture the cat] 
Sorry. It's too much of a mess here. 
3 sample heaps (clockwise from left):
hosiery to digitize + random green tee
studio garments, featuring the apple skirt
the "to fix" pile

draped over
cassette tapes (I kid you not)
audio equipment + CDs
the floor
my bed
You CAN, however, visit my VIRTUAL closet at
Go Chic or Go Home
My garments are all nicely organized by category.
these are skirts, in case you couldn't tell
click on images to see bigger
You can see random outfit shots:
you might recognize some of these shots
or groups of items for, like, my trips and stuff:
note to self:
start building packing list for TxSC conf

There is one road block to your viewing pleasure - you must be a member!
But hey, "membership has its privileges" as they say
Why don't you request an invite?
You'd be amazed what you'll discover when you start digitizing your closet.
have yet to capture this in a post
You'll meet some cool new people too!
I don't yet know these ladies, but they sport cool boots
this is an unsolicited review
all GCoGH images are screen shots and probably ©GCoGH