Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fridays are now officially Mydays

I changed my work schedule to be able to take a free
Qi Gong class offered by the Benjamin Center Cancer Support Community in west L.A.
sporting Jacks for agility
the class is held outdoors in Clover Park
I then went over to the Center for a special workshop
called "Paper and String" it involved drawing and live harp
the harpist, Andrea Puente
I also sketched her
Later in the afternoon,
I made tracks to my favorite beach in Playa del Rey
(the beach where I chased the moon for the eclipse)
love looking out at the ocean,
seeing the horizon,
inhaling fresh air,
hearing the waves and random birds
toes in the Pacific
video here
If you or a loved one is dealing with cancer (either as the victim or as a caregiver) I HIGHLY recommend checking out the Cancer Support Community. It is a nation-wide organization. They provide free support in many different ways and styles. Health issues, group therapy, exercise programs, drum circles, financial advice... the list goes on and on.