Monday, January 2, 2012

pattern recognition: Bloody Mary Mix

click on images to see bigger
This whole thing started out as a joke...

DressCourage sent out this tweet:
"I won't be impressed by the internet until someone can email me a bloody mary."

I was sitting at work and took up the challenge.
original photo swiped off from Google Images search
used for entertainment purposes only

turned it into a repeat
(looked like I was "working" maybe creating a design for men's boxers)
I emailed, we chuckled in a virtual manner

Last night, I posted it on my Pattern blog, scheduling it for 1/1/12 @ 12:01 am

This morning, my latest 3 SpyGirl facebook posts caught my eye:

I saw matching happening
yep. it works for me
HAPPY 2012!

two things:
1) go follow SpyGirl on facebook. I'm posting my weird outfits there if I don't have time to write up a post here.
2) I'm cutting off the legs of the velour pants to repurpose into a skirt or shift. I will leave enough for hotpants. There will be 2 pair available - size S. Any takers?