Monday, February 20, 2017

Almost All Black and White

This is what I didn't wear on Saturday:
Here are the bracelets that I photographed and also didn't wear:
Technically, the studded item is an old belt from the 80s that no longer fits around my waist.
This part DID make it beyond the patio to Otis for my Digital Design class then to Whittier to see Dave and Phil Alvin:
Starring the new-to-me zebra clogs! I love them! They are so VISIBLE!
The meeting of the dot socks and the checkered leggings was a bit unresolved. Which to layer on top?
In this photo, that I took during break at Otis, it looks like I popped my ankle and it became swollen:
No injury, just extra fabric in a wad.
About the wardrobe change: all the black and white elements remained on my person. I realized the Todd Oldham mosaic jacket wouldn't keep me warm enough after sundown, so I donned something warmer. Then, just as I was getting in the car for school, while removing my heavier jacket, I realized that there was a large highly visible expanse of my torso that I wasn't feeling like sharing with my students. Back inside I went, finding the perfect torso camo: the Duro Olowu top that Jan gave me four years ago. Ahhhh. Outfit zen achieved.
Today's reenactment of outfit:
Umbrella and goofy hat added for current weather conditions.
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