Monday, May 28, 2012

Remove Captcha in Blogger for New Interface (2012)

I helped a friend start her blog a while back and one of the first things I had her do was turn off Captcha.
I DESPISE Captcha. What is it?

I wrote a post on this last year (my most popular!) but Blogger has updated their interface, so the visuals on that post are obsolete (updates - the bane of the digital instructor).

Here's how you do it now...

1) Go to your Blogger Dashboard
(upper right of this page, or hit Design when on your own page, then go to Step 2)

2) From menu on the left, choose Settings

3) Choose Posts and Comments
4) In Show word verification, Choose No

While you're there, make any other adjustments that seem worth it.

5) Be sure to hit Save Settings, on upper right!
My eyes thank you in advance...