Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Inside the Box - #OOTD

I'm all in favor of garments made from rectangles. They are very, um, ROOMY! Easy to sew too.
This one is from Mexico so it's called a huipil. I wore it today because the forecast said 86º weather. I was also quite pleased to find another garment that "goes" with my brown/mustard/teal striped scarf.

I'm working on tribal themed prints at work, so I tried shooting a closeup of the pattern on the chest.
Even with the "flip view" feature on my new iPhone, it was really difficult to get a good shot. OK for the blog, not good enough for pattern pirating. I'll have to bring it in tomorrow and scan it.

It's still Monday and you know what that means... The Visibles!
Go look!