Monday, May 21, 2012

The Art Print Tunic, Yet Again - #OOTD

How I wore it yesterday for presenting my summer class
at the OTIS Cont Ed Open House:
slightly swashbuckling, with a scarf-as-belt
I've worn this tunic a lot during the past month and I have a good reason...
I've got art to match!
Here I am day before, when I hosted a tea party at my gallery on the last day of my exhibition.
Hence the hat. With print on scarf too.
I even used this print yesterday morning on some "class project samples" that I realized I needed by noon (at seven am).
This is a combo of Corel Painter used on this image
(sorry Pinterest link is vague, did not have time to refine URL search)
and Photoshop for the addition of the print and enhanced shading
Note: not great knockout of background -- time restraints!
I'll be doing another post of this with a Spy sketch... sometime...

Meanwhile, it's another visible Monday -- Go get your visible on!