Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Lesson Learned @TxSC: The Business Cards I Wish I'd Had but Didn't [Part 1]

Jyoti of Style Delights recently tweeted a photo of her new business cards. I thought she'd done excellent design work.
Her photo reminded me about this post that I had in draft that I'd written in March after TxSC. It also reminded me that I need to get my cards designed and printed for the Lucky FABB West conference in two weeks. EEEEEEK!

[from back in March]
I am home now after a whirlwind three days meeting an amazing group of women (and a few men!) in Austin at the Texas Style Council. I took tons of random photos, I did a bunch of sketches and now I want to connect the faces to the URLs. By the last day I was pretty good at approaching people. -- on the first night, not so good. A conference is not a normal situation. It's very intense - you meet (and see) lots of people in a very short time. Next time I'm going to make special cards tailored for that kind of event.
Here is the pile of cards that I got:
Let's lay them out in a grid:
(some are fronts AND backs and not adjacent)
click on image to see bigger
For my purposes (putting a face with a name + blog), the most helpful are these:
Jessica Rae of Freckled Mama
Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky
Lauren of A Wild Tonic
Chelle of Spangled Paraphernalia
You can see they included a photo of themselves so I immediately know what they look like.
(I'm sure when I get to everyone's sites, I will find the graphics on many of the cards match. A lot are very beautiful... Just not so helpful at this particular moment.)

Stay tuned for part 2: Designing a business card especially for conferences