Sunday, April 1, 2012

FAKE - Happy April Fool's or is it Fools'

Today marks the first day of Roz's International Fake Journal Month. This is my fourth year of fakery. I will headline these VERY FAKE posts with the word "FAKE" to avoid any confusion. I am NOT getting married, SpyGirl is! SpyGirl is fiction. OK?

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I will be using a Disney Princess coloring book that I found at a 99¢-type store that was going out of business. I have already encountered the challenge that sharpie + markers will bleed through the very cheap newsprint that it's printed on. I foresee lots of collage happening. It's also bigger than my scanner. I'll either keep taking photos, or scan every week on the bigger scanner at OTIS when I teach on Saturdays.

I'd say this whole fake wedding thing was inspired by a Modcloth Pinterest contest. Here is my PinBoard from the challenge. It was very entertaining compiling it, and I liked the idea of extending it for a month. To help me with my ToDo list, I googled "wedding planning" and I came upon this planning site: Looks good! I registered! I SO needed this in 1979 when I got married for real.

As I was completing the form, I saw this message at the bottom:
Does it mean I'm a horrible cynic that I found this very funny?