Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer Fun: August Update

It's time to check in with my goals for the summer.
How am I doing?

Weekly Goals:

Sew and/or repair at least one garment. 3/4
I went to a Mending Workshop, which got the needle (slowly) moving.
7/23 Chaotic Stitching at CAFAM
7/25 sewed a button on, got shirt all bloody.
[Shout out to +Suzanne Carillo for recommending OXO Brite to remove the stains]
8/12 stitching up side seams on my Ketzali Ruana at Lisa and Tim's.
This was item #1 for my Meet and Mend event in Seattle, which didn't happen.
List at least one garment on Poshmark 6/4
Vintage Asian Print Top
High Top Sneaker Print Socks
Dr Scholl's Silver Fast Flats
Kashi Kicks Pattern Mix Sneakers
90's Stretch Corduroy Swim Shorts
Vintage Mexican Handwoven Belt
and one on Trendlistr [if I can ever get back into the site, that is].
Officially putting that on the back burner for now.

Upload new art to Redbubble. 3/4
Quilted Clouds
Fluevog Enthusiast Black/Pink

Summer Goals:

Get taxes done.
Made minor progress, had to file state sales tax return which required adding up gross business receipts.

DeClutter the living room.
Sorted both Repair Mountain and the Resale Foothills thematically.
It's a tiny bit better, though still colossal.
The current state of the clutter magnet coffee table:
Laser-eye Lou says: You will do my bidding and feed me more treats.
Get sewing machine repaired.
Not yet.

Here are progress reports from fellow Summer Challenge participants: