Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Icon Portraits - The Process

I'm using my self-portrait as the sample so no one will feel dissed. 

My goal for March 2013 - at least 18 glitter encrusted framed portraits.
Here's my early mock-up, sans glitter + bling:
What is going in the Threads and Surfaces Sketchbook (due 4/30 - EEEEEK!)

How I do these for the sketchbook:

1) I find a photo that inspires me
2) Using Adobe Illustrator and a Wacom tablet, I trace over the photos with black linework
3) I add color and shading in Photoshop
4) I digitally composite a background - in this case, a close-up of my scarf
5) I generate a QR code of blog for verso page and use same background
6) Print out, Tear edges with a deckle-edge ruler, Paste with glue stick
7) Add metallic marker (no glitter allowed in Sketchbook) - see at top

Still deciding on process for the framed portraits.
Must get sketchbook done first - deadline MUCH closer!

Note: not sure if I'll ever get the framed versions done.
Exhibiting something totally  different in April 2013 -- roadscapes.