Thursday, March 15, 2012

Letter To an Apartment I Used to Live In

Dear 355 Riverside Dr, Apt 1A, NYC, 10025,
 I walked by you this January. There
had been a heavy snowfall. Remember
the blizzard of 77? 2012 not as crazy
as that, but still beautiful.
I've pulled out a bunch of the art that
I made inside your walls. I'm going to
be exhibiting it this April at TAG Gallery
in Santa Monica. Yeah! I'm in a legit
gallery. Woohoo! I may not be the
"Great American Artist" that young Anne
daydreamed of becoming, yet I AM
producing art. It was a much more
convoluted journey than you had ever
imagined for me.
 Oh, and remember that guy who sat
me down on the couch and asked me to
marry him if I promised to have kids?
I did and I didn't and it didn't work
out. All for the best. I'm doing great!
I just wanted to let you ----->
know. Anne

This is another ArtHouse project.
Here are the directions, lifted from their site:
"What would you say to your childhood home?
It's been awhile, and the house you grew up in is starting to wonder about you... If your childhood home could hear you, what would you say? It might have been an apartment in the big city, a farmhouse in the country, or a cabin in the woods — there's a place from your past that will stay with you forever. Letters to Home is a community art project that asks creative people like you to write a letter to your childhood home. Share an epic backyard adventure, ask a lingering question, or reveal a long-kept secret — we'll transform our storefront exhibition space into a mailbox from the past. Every letter will be added to the Digital Library and archived in a boxed anthology that will join us on the 2012 Sketchbook Project Tour."
inside, 1977
What would you say to a place where you no longer live?