Thursday, March 15, 2012

Which Way to the Blarney Stone?

See my socks? That color green is the new hot blogger color.
I wanted to wear my new thrifted bias cut
red, yellow and green stripe skirt
but I need to do a bit of sewing on it...
So, here are some of my more eccentric green pieces:
a 3/4 sleeve wool coat that is WAY too warm for soCal
a furry stole that I got in LA Chinatown at a curio shop.

I'm channeling Auntie Mame today!
Thinking I must Netflix that --
might get some good style tips!
Freesias! They smell like Earl Grey tea to me...
Did you know the Blarney Stone has a reputation for being the Stone of Eloquence? I found that out because I used Google to get the correct spelling. The things you find out from the Google!

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