Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fashion Rainbow at TAG Gallery and Society6

You saw the 52 blogger portraits in my back yard.
Here they are hanging in the gallery!
(Sorry, not the best of photos)
Here's my compilation file of everyone:
(click on image to see larger)
See the rainbow?
I want to thank all my muses for your inspiring and colorful outfits!

Not only are the 52 bloggers hung at the gallery, the image above is available on all sorts of items at Society6.
Here's a new product that they print on, an 8 x 6" notebook:
Yes, I will get a small commission from Society6 if you purchase my stuff.
I'm quite pleased with the mug:
Linking up with Shelbee's #SpreadTheKindness linkup.
We could all use a little kindness right now, yes?