Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let's Laugh

This tee makes me happy:
Severo gave it to me, it's from Newbury Comics, a New England record chain. I think he had a gig there, maybe in Boston.

My new yoga pants and Keds make me happy too:
I grabbed the pants from the sample box at work. It amazes me that I can squish my girth (34" waist) into the sample size Small. Stretchy cotton/spandex is a wonderful thing!

The Keds came from Yoox, via Lyst. Lyst is an affiliate link program. If you click through one of the garment links at the bottom of this blog, I supposedly get compensation. I don't push it very much, mainly because I add the most ridiculously expensive designer items to *"my Lyst of favorites". I use it to research trends, follow certain designers, or find particular fabrications or prints. My favorite thing about it is that Lyst will alert you when a favorited item goes on sale. I can't do much with an Etro paisley shawl "reduced" to $300 except sigh, but these Keds were on sale for $29 and that seemed like a good deal.
They're now sold out, but here are some current styles that caught my eye:
(this is a non-clickable screen grab. The "make a collection" feature was not working for me this morning)
The DOTS!!!!

For someone who "doesn't like sneakers", I'm certainly starting to amass a good collection:

The third (or fourth?) thing that makes me happy is this:
 Secret paisley Happy Socks*! (Why do I have clown feet here? My feet aren't "that" big!)

Have a great Saturday, everyone!
I'm going to a Simply Stylist event at The Grove today (not in this outfit, btw). I'll be wearing my Narrative Clip, to hopefully get some SpyShots of the fashionable goings-on. I'll submit a full report tomorrow soon.

Meanwhile, click on over to The Citizen Rosebud to ogle some fellow ShoeShiners.