Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Literary Linkup with Ann-Margret and Elvis

My new blogging friends Maricel of My Closet Catalogue and Selah of A Bibliophile's Style have started a fun link-up inspired by their love of books and reading, called Thoughtful Third Thursday.

Here are their directions: Every third Thursday of the month, create a post where you state what you’re currently reading (novel, non-fiction, short story, magazine, blog, manga, etc.), include a quote and/or a synopsis, and an outfit that you feel corresponds to your chosen quote.

I'm game -- I love to read, and I love a quirky outfit challenge.

My non-fiction autobiographical book:  
My Story, by Ann-Margret 
My quote:
"I regarded Elvis's presence as an extra bonus. I was pleased to know he was nearby, and I hoped we could connect somehow." p. 255

My look:
Elvis paperweight from the official Graceland souvenir shop, 1995
Elvis jacket is a Lee barn jacket customized with an Elvis tapestry by some genius designer in the 80s, purchased in a cool shop [RIP] in Pasadena on Colorado, east of Lake.
Got the Ann-Margret book from the "freebie" shelf at the Mar Vista branch of LA Public Library.

Linking up with Thoughtful Third Thursday (duh)
and Patti's Visible Monday