Sunday, May 29, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 5-28

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It took some deliberation, but this is what I ended up wearing at my show reception. I call it the demented wench look.
grey leather corselet - Zoe Hong
maxi dress - my own work
purple chinese jelly sandals
It all started with the grey corselet that I got off of Etsy. You may remember it from this post from May 14. I knew I wanted to wear a rectangular dress underneath but wasn't sure which fabric to use from my vast stockpile. (My original intent to use my cupcake print failed due to lack of lead time for printing @ Spoonflower). I rummaged around and found some contenders:
I posted the above composite on Facebook to get some quick feedback. I was already leaning towards "groovy" but wanted to make sure at least one other friend thought it was not too "out there." Final tally was: Roses - 2 | Sari - 2 | Groovy - 5 (my friends know me well!).

Then I tried the corselet over a similar garment to calculate how long I needed to make it
oooh, dress got kinda short and looks like I can trim the lacing
On to sewing. I used the entire yardage, deciding to wait and trim the hem later.
(No step-by-step on this... maybe next time)
Before hemming, I tried it on and opted for the maxi length:
haha - I look like either a wizard, a 60s Palm Springs hostess or a member of Sun Ra's Arkestra (warning - link HAS SOUND)