Sunday, April 5, 2020

[Enid] The Denim Jacket Diary

Dear Diary,
I've been stuck-at-home since March 20th. I've "broken free" a couple of times with Severo for grocery shopping forays, and I've walked around the block for #freshair, but mostly I'm confined to the Digital Dungeon, "on the clock" for work-at-home.
Shelbee and Nancy are collecting images for their Good Buy/Goodbye series and I thought it'd be fun to find all the denim jacket looks hidden away here within the SpyGirl archives.

The Elvis (purchased circa 1983 in Pasadena at Die Laughing)
Good buy!
The Todd (purchased from Canal Street Jeans, NYC circa 1999)
Good buy!
The Tony (purchased in 1984 from Tony Young at Otis. It was part of his Junior year project for Guess)
Good buy.
The 80's (purchased at Goodwill in Austin TX, late 90s)
It's quilted inside! Good buy.
The Costco (purchased in 00s?)
Never wore it when it fit and now too small -- GOODBYE! You can get it on Poshmark!
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