Monday, November 11, 2019

A Glint of Gold

The Textile Arts LA "Year of Mindful Mending" with Ruth Katzenstein Souza had its final meeting last week. Ruth provided us with the golden opportunity of playing the Golden Joinery game.
From their website:
A tear in your favorite jeans? Your grandmothers silk blouse with a worn collar? They form the basis for the GOLDEN JOINERY game:
a fashion first aid
a game to wear
a treasure box
an adventurous journey
The game will be hosted by YOU. You will invite some friends, ask them to bring a dear but broken garment and together you will repair your clothes with gold. No experience needed with needle and thread, you will learn by doing.
The GOLDEN JOINERY game will offer techniques and playful interventions. The cards will guide you through the levels on the gameboard to get to the finish: your unique minicollection of garments with golden scars. They will be part of the ‘new’ fashion brand GOLDEN JOINERY, inmediately spread both online and offline.
I brought my grey Danish Schoolbag that I've had since the '80s, it had become worn at the bottom of a pocket -- so much so that I'd taped over the pocket opening with blue tape so I wouldn't accidentally put anything in there.
No before photo! Forgot, and we had to put our phones away!
Game material and tools included (from website):
deck of 27 Cards
8 Round cards
set of needles
box of pins
4 Bobbins golden thread
6 golden fabrics
a tea bag
I was so grateful for the game supplies, because the golden "thread" that I brought was wretched to work with. Refusing to go purchase thread, I pulled apart some gold chord from my "Christmas Wrap" box. Each ply of the 2-ply chord consisted of 10 threads.
It was the most devilish stuff!
Threading a needle was a challenge (even with a needle threader!) and stitching with it even more so.
I also used some provided gold vinyl -- the tear was beyond mending with mere stitching.

Here's my mend in its current state:
I used two more types of thread: lovely golden metallic thread that came with the game and gold-color embroidery floss.

All the mends:
Ruth, thank you so much for our Year of Mindful Mending. It was a wonderful experience!

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