Saturday, August 17, 2019

Dosa in Marfa, 2014

In 2014, a made a solo road trip circumnavigation of the US, dubbing it On the Edge: US.
There is a blog for it, and now I'm retracing my steps on my Patreon subscription blog, which has typed transcriptions of the journal/memoir, new art images, and other random stuff.

I must interject that I just found out that the Edge art will be on exhibit at The stARTup Art Fair in Houston, October 11-13 at the Hotel Icon. I am beyond excited!

My current Patreon post includes things I did in Marfa and I wanted to share my visit to Teinda M [store closed] here. It was a beautiful shop, and I wanted to take photos of EVERYTHING.
It seems, however, I only took a few:
Beautiful handlooms from India
I adored this upcycled map fabrication.
Behind the desk was this cloud photos collage. Great idea for a print!
Oh! it's now Dosa's Home Page image!
For better photos, visit Dosa's project link for Teinda M.

I HAD to buy SOMETHING, and I got two things, a Sadhu towel and a Marfa Brand Lapsang Souchong soap (still available online!). I haven't used either. I featured the towel in a mending post two years ago.
still looks like this
I use the soap in my linen closet to freshen my sheets. But now that I know I can get more...

I would definitely return to Marfa, given the opportunity. Road trip, anyone?