Monday, April 17, 2017

Taking a Bad Group Selfie, Take Two

Yes, it takes at least two to make a bad group selfie, and Silvana and I have been practicing.

The Poppy Reserve debacle you've seen.

Here are our other outings around LA's west side from the past week.
At the Getty:
[photo by Silvana]
Things got a bit blurry at McCabes, where we saw Thee Holy Brothers and Evie Sands:
Here we are yesterday, eating our very unfancy Easter lunch at Zankou:
Then we went to the Fowler Museum at UCLA, to see the exhibition of African Textiles.
Perhaps we became drunk on pattern joy...
The Fowler has an inner courtyard with a fountain. We cavorted.
Posing is hard, people!
Better, but terrible quality photo from the point and shoot. Its day of retirement looms.
Silvana wanted us with the fountain.
Lovely. But no fountain. [photo by Silvana]
There it is! [photo by Silvana]
I saved you the best/worst for last:
I call it "Fountain and Foreheads" [photo by Silvana]
I had so much fun with Silvana. She leaves returns home to Australia later this week.
I hope to see her again (IRL) soon!

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