Monday, August 31, 2015

iSpy Product Review: the Wrapurse Handbag Protector

"What's living on the bottom of your purse?"
This provocative question opens the splash page of Cyndie Heap's website for her invention, the Wrapurse.
She goes on to say, "I’m a single mom of two very active and athletic boys. I’ve sat on bleachers, benches and fields cheering on my kids’ teams. Generally I have my purse with me. I won’t leave it in the car, but who wants to hold it in their lap the entire time? So…I put it down. Right on the bleacher...
Later that day, I found a sticky, dirty, chewed-up piece of bubble gum stuck to the bottom of my Coach bag. I was so mad. As I tried to scrape it off, I started thinking…I could see the gum…what else was on there that I COULDN’T SEE??? After ruining several expensive bags with mud, rust and unknown sticky gooey stuff stuck to the bottom­–not to mention all those gross germs–I thought, “There has to be something to protect my beloved bag???”
WRONG. With that, Wrapurse was born."

I thought this was a very interesting concept and asked for a sample to give it a try.
The wrapurse arrived nicely wrapped in tissue.
Cyndie sent me a black Medium 5 x 19" one. It came in a compact 4.5 x 5.5" pouch with a snap closure.
I don't own any high-end purses, but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about where I'm setting down the ones that I have! 
I first tried the Wrapurse on my sparkly black soft bag:
It was a little bit large (the base of my bag is 4 x 10") and I tucked the poking out ends into an inverted pleat. I then looked for a gross environment to place it in, and went to our sad desiccated back yard which is a bunch of dirt with a few resilient weeds.
The purse stayed clean!

Next, I tried my "tape measure" bag from G.O.D., Hong Kong
(Base is 5 x 6")
I tried to get Lou interested, but he would have none of it.
He thought the catnip stash in the closet was WAY more compelling.

I should have left the Wrapurse on the bag -- later on, Severo and I went out to hear some favorite bands play at Molly Malone's. I could have used it for my butt! I sat down on the carpeted bench seating ringing the club. Drinks had been spilled so it was all wet (and it was too dark to tell beforehand). Gross!

Cyndie is currently running an Indiegogo campaign [until 9/9/2015] to help raise production funds.
Go check it out and make a pledge -- I did!
Wrapurses can also be ordered on the website, for instant gratification.
They come in black [midnight], chestnut, or merlot, in a variety of sizes, and retail for $17-$23 depending upon size.

Full disclosure: I was sent a free Wrapurse for review. 
All verbiage is mine (except for the italicized quotes at top), not vetted by Wrapurse.