Saturday, June 6, 2015

SpyGirl Watches: L.A. Frockstars -- From Grit to Glamor

I enjoyed L.A. Frockstars so much on the Smithsonian Channel. Sadly, the episodes are no longer airing and the Smithsonian website only has tantalizing snippits to cause you to crave more so that you'll download it from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. And to pray for a Season 3!

I never got around to posting my One to Watch from the final episode six. I really wanted to capture a sketch of Sarah, but that was not in the cards. What captured my attention was not even a person, it was an outfit!
This was pulled for the costume designer Mark Bridges.
In the episode, he talked through his design process and shared bits of his character reference book -- old school style analog collaged inspiration:
[While trying to fact check, I made a sad discovery: 
Noooooo! I'll have to pay for downloads too!]


I did my own bit of costuming -- to me, this ensemble screamed MELANIE!
I had the opportunity to meet Doris at The Way We Wore yesterday (well, yeah, the shop IS only 10 miles from where I live) and what a treat. You know how when you meet a blogger pal, it's like you already know her? I felt that I "knew" Doris from watching L.A. Frockstars, it was so strange (in a good way). I had a quick tour of all the nooks and crannies of Doris's domain, including the Inspiration Room next door. All I could think in there was, I want to organize it so that I can look at and touch EVERYTHING. Was I having an Enid in the Scarf Closet flashback? Perhaps!
[No photos. I didn't want the capturing in the way of the experience.]

I was given access to screeners of all six episodes of Season 2 back in February. I have since downloaded Season 1 and 2 on my own dime. The above verbiage is all mine.