Sunday, June 7, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: United Nations

My effort this week is entitled "Multicultural Mashup with Hippie Skirts"

I have a lot of long flowy Indian skirts that I can't stop myself from purchasing whenever I rendezvous in Artesia (AKA Little India) with my friend Deborah. It's all Deborah's fault! I've decided that they overwhelm me and work better if they're hiked up and worn as dresses. Also, I can't wear long skirts at work because I'll trip on the stairs in and roll my chair on them.
I decided to experiment mixing the skirt-dresses with tops from different countries [for the prompt] through the filter of selfies to see what worked. Looking at a photograph often works better for me than the mirror.

First I tried an African fish tunic combo:
has potential
Next was a Mayan top (not sure whether from Mexico or Guatemala):
no. too much fabric and side seams wonky
I really like the fabric on the skirt, but cutting slits at the sides for armholes and placing the waist at my neck doesn't work. I wore it like this for work last Tuesday:
I look like a giant baby. Or a Cabbage Patch Kid. Nooooooo!
I settled on my favorite combo of Mayan top/ Indian patchwork skirt-dress:

It was 90º in Claremont at the "All U Can Eat" show. (20º hotter than at home).
This outfit was comfortable.
I sold 2 out of 3 pieces! (You can see them here). Yay me! I then bought two paintings to take back to my lair.
Here I am with Anne Seltzer. I bought her piece, she bought mine.

Linking up with Patti's last Visible Monday for the summer.

Can you create an international cocktail from your closet?
Link and tell!