Friday, March 20, 2015

SpyGirl Watches: L.A. Frock Stars -- Vintage Ninja

Did you catch the premiere of L.A. Frock Stars Season 2 on the Smithsonian Channel?
It's lots of fun and informative too.

Episode 1: Vintage Ninja has us join Doris, the owner of  the Hollywood Boutique The Way We Wore®, in New Hope, PA attending the Whitaker Auction. She finds and bids on some boxes of real treasure -- castoffs from FIT's (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC) archives. Oh how I wish I could rifle through those boxes! We also get to watch the store staff pull garments for stylist Seth Chernoff who is looking for garments for Tori Spelling.

I sketched Doris in her "vintage ninja" treasure hunting outfit:
New episodes will air on the Smithsonian Channel every Thursday at 9pm. They are rebroadcasted, check this link, then click on the specific episode for air times.
The same link will also lead you to streams of all six episodes of Season 1 (for now).

Who will I sketch next week? Come back next Friday to find out!

I was given access to screeners of all six episodes of Season 2 back in February. 
The above verbiage is all mine.