Tuesday, March 31, 2015

[Enid] Explained

Enid's new guest posts will commence tomorrow.
Who is this Enid character, anyway?

She gave a reveal on her last post, May 1, 2014:

According to my calculations, Enid was 18 when Ghost World was published in 1997.
That would make her 35 in 2014.
[Amazon link]
What sort of career did Enid grow into after she left on the bus?
[from Ghost World, p. 80]
I figured that she worked in publishing and had wound up being Miz Bag of Vogoff's dogsbody. In the beginning of 2014, she had caused a few deadline misses, so Miz Bag "punished" her by sending her out to report on my road trip circumnavigating the US.

This year, Enid has been banished to Vogoff's scarf closet*.
(Enid can never catch a break.)
Even I don't know what she'll get up to in there, starting tomorrow!

*[it looks a lot like Lenny's. Well, maybe not THAT insane]
Lenny Kravitz's "scarf closet" [source]
Now I feel better about how my closets look.
Note human in foreground for scale.

[7/25/16 update -- NOT Lenny's, it's a scarf merchant in Marrakech. Discovered REAL source while repairing broken link]