Sunday, February 3, 2013

Paisley with a Splash of Burgundy

Two Birds do an Inspiration Monday meme.
Every week, they post a photo and you get a week to ponder how to interpret the look.
WooHoo! Paisley! I looooooove paisley!
But guess what? I only have ONE paisley shirt that sort of matches this.
(no way was I leaving the house looking like this!)
And I don't "do" skinny jeans (these are leggings to fake the look)...
And I don't go barefoot in my shoes...
And I can't wear those shoes right now because my feet are a mess [sad face]...

Let's go for more coverage and add a skirt, a scarf, and socks:
I've never used this Juicy Couture scarf, now is the time
wrapping it is kinda cool
close-up on the amulet
actual shopping look: shirt tied at waist, scarf in bag (it was 77!)
shopping bounty: veggies and the tiny butternut squash to roast
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