Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crazy Quilt -- Wrangler Cotton Denim

Oh, what a disaster! The sketchbook was sent to Brooklyn three weeks ago and NOW I discover that I forgot to scan this page. I will have to mock it up -- not sure if I can remember my verbiage. Sigh.
Nevermind. I'm going to be like my lazy-ass teenage self pictured here and go read a book.
This is the outfit that I sketched.

What was I reading in August 1972?
Looks like a New Directions paperback... or Anais Nin...
I was and am a voracious reader. Reading is my escape.

I'll at least give you the quilt image from the sketchbook and a larger shot of the shorts as they are now.
Whenever I get my hands on the sketchbook again, I'll shoot a photo of the missing page and add it here. (Most likely when the sketchbook tour reaches LA in August).

The shorts started out as full-length jeans, probably purchased for horseback riding.
Yes, I was a "horse girl" before high school.
My first time on a horse at age 4 -- could my smile be any bigger?
This was at someone's birthday party (probably Cathy's).
The top was a design I developed as a more "demure" version of the previous page's banned cami, inspired by Mexican tops very popular at the time. I got this fabric from Kim's mom, who insisted "that's not enough fabric to make anything," a challenge I met with stubborn gusto!