Friday, August 17, 2012

Sig Alert Tank

The Los Angeles Fashion Council is hosting a contest to design a Tee inspired by LA. I thought it'd be a great usage of my piece "Commuter Quilt" that I created a few years ago.
Commuter Quilt, digital print on vinyl, 51 x 35" ©2005-7
This is a digital composite of photos I shot while commuting on the lovely I-10/CA60. Morning eastbound images point to the right, evening westbound point to the left.

Did you ever wonder where the term "Sig Alert" originated? Loyd C. Sigman, a broadcasting engineer, invented a radio and tape recorder to help the police broadcast traffic warnings. Dubbed "Sigman Radio Alerts" and shortened to Sig Alerts, they began in Los Angeles in 1955.

Voting starts on Facebook today. You will need to "Like" the LAFC page to view my entry.
8/31 update: CONTEST WAS CANCELLED, boo