Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inside the Box: Too Too Much Muumuu

Larry and I made jokes about this one when we pulled it out of the bag: what IS it? A muumuu/tablecloth?
It's a home sewn marvel.
In its own way, it DOES look better on.
The lace on the sides is set into the seams so it sticks out.
It measures 53 x 34" Roomy!
I like the peasant blouse styling of the lace inset + gathers in the front and back:
The lace sleeve hem detail is clever yet strange (the running down the side seams aspect).
But there IS the problem overall --  it's made with horrible 70s two-way stretch nylon. It doesn't breathe. So it gets VERY WARM. Not so good for summer wear. (Winter muumuu for the ski lodge, anyone? Layer it over your long johns!) In addition, if you wore this while BBQing, it might melt. That would be unfortunate. And painful.

I know you're needing this in your wardrobe now. Hahahahaha. Not.