Saturday, June 11, 2011

In 10 Minutes: 6-10

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This outfit came together accidentally.
3 events for the day: hospital appt, work + Motels gig @ Rhino Popup Store

I started with the skirt + black leggings + cmyk socks, thinking I was going to don the "clown" look While looking for the clown tee, I came across this Paul Frank flying V tank top. Better than the clown -- a guitar theme for gig!
The head thing is a fluffy red + lurex scarf that I tied onto my head 80s style. (With my short hair, my head gets cold at work when the AC kicks in). Originally I was going to use a Barbie Pink silk scarf, but found this first. 
top half of outfit, shot using Mac Photobooth with oh so attractive blue computer glow. you can read the work-inappropriate verbiage on the top
Nobody seemed to notice what my Tee said (probably a good thing). It gave me strength dealing with a very mean nurse @ hospital.
@ hospital. what's up with the foot graphic? watch this
the whole look at the No Tomatoes food truck outside of Rhino
And how was the gig? The Motels ROCK!