Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Neon + Neutrals

At first, I was going to pass on this challenge. The neutrals being shown with neon seem to be primarily beige tones. And I don't do beige. (Even though SpyGirl can wear whatever she wants, she doesn't do beige either.)
But then I got to thinking about my pink and ochre
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And then it dawned upon me that BROWN is a neutral (duh).
You've seen me with brown and neon lime. How about neon peach?
Let the rummaging in my closet begin!

mens thrifted jacket, 80s
brown Magnolia Bakery tee
neon peach nylon/spandex bubble knit tube, F&S Fabrics, 80s
stripe knit tights, TJ Max, Seekonk, MA
crazy "western" Italian clogs from Hong Kong, 04
white shoes with brown + peach? why not?
bracelets that I got in the 80s, Jone Pasha's, Providence
they're African (Burkina Faso?) plastic woven + wrapped around straw
This is part of the Bloggers Do It Better series, hosted by Kristina at Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly.
Here is the neon link, where you'll see other responses on Friday, 6/17.