Thursday, May 21, 2020

My COVID Uniform

This came up in a textile group I'm in:
Hi All!
My name is Stephanie, I am Costume Designer/ Historian based in Los Angeles. I'm curious about your wardrobe! As we've been sheltering in place we've been curating a new type of uniform that we wear indoors, in our homes.
I'd like to invite you to share with me 3-5 pieces that you've been wearing in heavy rotation. It's an exercise to further consider the garments on your bodies and clothing that surrounds you at this specific time.
This is a time capsule project of mine that I intend on publishing on Medium. All the details can be found in this form, please feel free to share with others as I'm attempting to capture stories from around the world.
Thank you, hope you all remain healthy and safe at this time.
These are my regular "lounging around the house" garments.
COVID didn't change anything, except for the color chart tees.
1) Michael Brandon Chenille Sweater
I purchased this at a shop in Venice, CA in the late 90s. Been wearing it a lot since then. It's a non-wool blend (Nylon? Tags removed long ago) so it's perfect for SoCal weather. So comfy.
2) Color Chart Tee. 
I have two of these, which I had printed by Redbubble and Society6 last year to test how various colors print on black. The cotton jersey tees are super soft and nice, the printing is not. They're presentable enough for Zoom, so they're my "upscale" Zooming tops. They always get nice comments!
3) French Dressing Lounge Pants
I have two of these as well. Picked them up at the day job from the sample box. They fit perfectly! They've been my standard cool weather bottoms for a while. I will be sad when the spandex dies.
4) Striped Wool/Nylon/Spandex Ankle Socks
I picked these up on sale at Nordstrom's in the late 90s. They used to be in "winter work wear" rotation until the spandex died. Now I've worn holes in the heels. Sigh.
5) Leather Slides (don't remember brand)
Yes, that's gaffer tape holding the right shoe together. I got these new off of a Poshmark seller a couple of years ago (or was it retail at DSW?). As soon as they started getting shabby, they became "inside" shoes.
This is a "walking around the neighborhood" look with the Tee and Pants.
Again, the form link is here.

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