Sunday, March 15, 2020

Bad Ass Lumberjack

I wore my Fluevog Tates on Saturday for the last on-campus session of my Digital Design for Fashion class at Otis:
The campus is now closed and we're transitioning to eLearning over Spring Break.
This is the Bad Ass Lumberjack look.
Or is this? I saw this guy in Rumford, Maine

As I stomped around in my boots, I thought of my friend Shelbee and I thought "What would Shelbee wear?"

Shelbee has been blogging "inspired by" posts, and a while back I challenged her to do me.
She came up with a great SpyGirl outfit [she'll give us the link in the comments, I'm sure. I don't have the patience to look for it. #sorrynotsorry].
Anyhow, my boots inspired me to return the favor:
Link to Shelbee's post about her look
I couldn't find her wearing all the elements that I chose in one outfit.
This is my compilation of the Shelbeest of Shelbee. UrShelbee, if you will.
Flannel shirt, band/graphic tee, denim cutoffs, tights, bad ass boots, beanie, pose.
BTW, I totally forgot I had the blue beanie. I found it in the hat drawer. Shelbee, do you want it? It's new!

Stay healthy everyone!

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