Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Olive Oyl x Moschino x Lularoe

Today's #COTDstyle Challenge is "POP ART MADNESS AND CRAZY BLACK!"
I immediately thought of my Moschino Boutique Olive Oyl scarf:
and my Lularoe leggings:
I bought the scarf around the same time that I got the "BOOM!" scarf.
I was imagining it bigger than what arrived in the mail.
I hung it up, and contemplated what to do with it (not a big wearer of small square scarves).
When I recently got the leggings, I immediately added them to the scarf display. They were instant friends.
But what to use as the transitional base to sew the scarf into?
I think it will be the confetti pattern behind Olive Oyl.
Stay tuned!
Pattern clashing. My m├ętier.

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