Thursday, March 30, 2017

#tbt Spring Break: Around the US in 34 Days #MBsociallydriven

Quick: 5 images that sum up a circumnavigation of the US. Is that even possible?
I chose the four EDGE corners of the contiguous 48 states.

On 3/26/2014, I embarked on a road trip art project to drive around the perimeter of the US. I planned to document it by time-lapse captures out the passenger side. [Which I did, but the footage makes me nauseous, and I still can't deal with it]. There were 34 days of actual driving the route, and an additional 28 days of social detours, including my 40th high school reunion:
We are all almost 60 in 2014, and we are looking good!
Along the way, I met up with some blogging friends:
Meet my good friend Blueberry Pie!
This was the evidence of my meet-up with Connie at Pannikin Coffee & Tea in Encinitas, CA.
She wrote about it better than I ever did!
Patti is represented by a sunset of her home town on the Florida coast.
Again, Patti said it better!
With Joyatri at Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge, MA.
Joyatri's writeup.
Linking up with Shelbee's On the Edge of the Week
Here I am after meeting up with Citizen Rosebud.
I'm wearing a purple scarf that she gave me and I'm posing with Seattle lilacs
(which I had been pursuing since the stay with my mom back in early May -- her's hadn't bloomed yet).
I'm sure Bella wrote about the meet-up, but I can't find it.
You can see my adventures in driving on my On the Edge blog (because why have one blog when you can have seven?)

In 2019, I'll have another school reunion to drive to.
(My high school is Emma Willard, in Troy, NY, a private girls' prep school).
This time, I plan to circumnavigate Canada (plus Alaska)!
(Just roughly plotted this. OMG, what am I thinking!!!!)
Do you take a vacation to see places or people or a combination of the two?
Link and tell!