Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#popforthepeople -- Roy Lichtenstein at the Skirball

Severo and I had a fortuitous alignment of schedules that enabled us to take advantage of Free Museum Day* to visit "Pop for the People: Roy Lichtenstein in L.A" at the Skirball Cultural Center.
We dressed appropriately. My BOOM! tunic caused a ruckus.
The show [up until 3/12/17] features a wide variety of work, from screenprints:
Roy Lichtenstein, Mao, Screenprint, 1971 plus Severo
to garments:
Roy Lichtenstein, Untitled  Shirt, Screenprint, 1979
Roy Lichtenstein, Spray Can Dress, 2011
to large-scale prints:
Our favorite was the interactive installation of Lichtenstein's 3D interpretation of Van Gough's Bedroom at Arles.
Roy Lichtenstein, Bedroom at Arles
The bed was comfy!
Very timely is another interactive piece featuring the Oval Office and speech bubble placards that viewers can photograph. [How did they know? The show opened on October 7, a month before Election Day].
Roy Lichtenstein, I Love Liberty, Screenprint, 1982
If you happen to find yourself on the west side Friday, February 24, there will be a free special event, Late-Night Lichtenstein, 5-10pm. With swag and music, and the parking is always free!

*Free Museum Day involved over 30 institutions in soCal. Here's a listing of normal free days in the LA region.

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