Sunday, June 19, 2016

52 Pick-me-up: Wine / Creation

We are on our last week of neutral colors for 52 Pick-me-up -- let's celebrate with wine!

Did you know that you can exercise with wine? (No, I do not mean "bending your elbow").

Um, yeah. Lizzy IS a bit perky.
I see from her YouTube channel, she also does workouts on the couch.
Or combine the two -- workouts on the couch with wine.
Or omit the "workout" part and have wine on the couch.

I wore wine twice this week, here are the outfits depicted in #selfiesketch style:
Linking up with Shelbee's On the Edge of the Week linkup
See the ongoing series here on Tumblr.

It's the final week to link any neutral, including those not mentioned like brown.
Wine / Creation -- Link and tell!