Sunday, July 19, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Rose / Soulmate / Treasure

These are roses from my garden. Super fragrant, I like to turn them into rose petal jam
Roses, the flower of romance.
So why does my rose circle skirt hate me?
Is my love affair with skirts over? Are we no longer soulmates?
This just felt all kinds of wrong. I tried tucking in the shirt and it was even worse. 
Relationships change. It's important to adapt.
Or repurpose, in the case of garments.
So much better, right? 
I hoisted the skirt up to chest level and I like the look. Into the "fix it" pile it goes.

I had a wonderful meetup with Maricel of My Closet Catalogue on Friday in Claremont.
We had become Blogging BFFs over the past year and a half and the stars finally aligned correctly.
We talked of many things, one being the culling of closets (we both are using Poshmark and are finding it a devil's bargain because we are both experiencing greater influx than intended outflow of items. Those Mary Janes up there came from Poshmark).
Anyway, I described this decluttering book I'd read about: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo (I haven't read it yet). The basic premise is to approach an item and ask yourself if you love it and it brings you joy (I'm also taking a Wear Your Joy self-guided e-course that is tackling this concept). Maricel made the astute observation, "What do you do about perceived loved garments vs the reality of them not really looking that great?" [Not a direct quote -- Maricel, do you remember exactly what you said?] It's a quandary. Minimalists would say BANISH. Maricel and I are maximalist Geminis, we let our "precious" treasure linger and build up.
For me, it's an ongoing process and involves repurposing.


Rose red, soulmates, and/or treasure? Link and tell!