Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TARDIS meets Marie

Here are more blue items from my closet to comply with Maricel's TARDIS Tuesday link-up.

Having suffered from a hellish week of color matching output on a color laser printer (the activity that I loathe most at work), I opted yesterday for ultimate comfort in the footwear department. You see, we work upstairs, and the color printers are downstairs. I live in fear of tripping on the stairs and breaking some limb. Most of last week I wore my trusty White Mountain Mary Jane clogs that Leslie gave me (you know the ones -- I wear them almost every post). By Thursday, even they hurt my feet.
Today, in anticipation of more hell, I wore my old padded suede Purcells. Why did Converse discontinue making these?
note TARDIS Otis beverage transporter:
c/o Otis Alumni Association 
My feet were happy, I was happy.

Here's a closeup of the shirt:
I bought it #secondhandfirst from Foreign Affair in Providence, RI last April. I was mesmerized by the unusual weave.

Also of interest is my new little friend who appeared in the back yard on Sunday:
Look at those eyes! "Mom, can I keep her?"
I've already named her Sweet Marie (Antoinette). She needs a full checkup and flea bath at the vet before she can come inside. Oh, how I hope she sticks around!