Sunday, January 18, 2015

52 Pick-me-up: Read Between the Lines

Originally when I created this theme, I was thinking that it would be timed with Selah and Maricel's
 Thoughtful Third Thursday link-up. WRONG. LAST Thursday was the link-up, not this coming Thursday. Oops.
On my 52 Pick-me-up theme calendar, the prompt for this week is "Read between the lines -- inspired by a book". Notice that I simplified it here to just "read between the lines". Which could mean stripes, if you're stumped on the whole book thing. I found the perfect book for this though -- an artist book that I made in 2009. And I paired it with coordinating stripes. So fancy!
The book is made from one piece of paper. It's printed with abstract scribbles that I created and printed out. I then cut and folded it so that it has a few pages. [See this how-to that I Pinned].

Below is each spread of pages. See if you can find the secret message, reading between the lines.
[I swear, I did NOT have this book in mind when I created the prompts back in June!]
Did you find the message? No spoilers in your comments!

On Monday, I'm linking up with Sacramento's Share-in-Style. The theme is scarves.

One more helpful hint for this week: cookbooks are books too.
Stripes or a book or some baked goods, link and tell!