Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day with the Dahlias at the Getty

Last Thursday, Deborah and I made a trek up to the Getty. It's in one of the best locations in LA and I always get rejuvenated after a visit. This time, we actually made it inside a building and looked at art! (I don't want to admit how rarely that happens -- we usually get distracted by the garden).
Our first stop is usually for food. We opted for upscale and went to the restaurant (vs the cafe).
Stone fruit salad with prosciutto, blue cheese, cucumber, baby lettuces.
Next we saw the exhibition "Gustav Klimt: The Magic of Line"
If you get a chance, go see it! It's a rare look at Klimt's drawings, ranging from realistic early work to later expressive abstracted pieces. His mastery of line is breathtaking.
Image from the Getty site
And then we strolled in the garden.
Much to our surprise, dahlias were blooming. We've never seen dahlias there before! They came in every color.
Delicious food, inspiring art, beautiful flowers; all with a best friend. A five star day.

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