Thursday, January 23, 2014

Capsule of 10


During January 6 - 17, I participated in a two week style challenge hosted by Sylvia of +40plusstyle. We had daily "assignments", a Pinterest contest, and lots of lively interaction. It was very engaging, and I made new blogger buddies and Pinterest pals, and even got a new haircut!

One of our early assignments was to create a collage of a 10 garment capsule wardrobe. I wanted to use Polyvore, but had many many hurdles - the major one remembering how to get my own images uploaded.
[My solution was Pin it, then Clip it to Polyvore, in case you were wondering] 

FINALLY, today, I got my capsule created:
Capsule of 10

*not sure if any of these go to Lyst -- if so, it's a long trail

As you can see, some of the items are photos and some are sketches.
Anyone remember how I posted about wanting to sketch my closet? It's OK if you don't!
Wait -- I just checked so that I could add a link -- I didn't reveal that I had such a notion.
Sometimes I'm glad that I remain mute about some of my more harebrained ideas. 

AHA! I instagrammed about it! (Link is to Tumblr, because the Tumblr archives come up the fastest on my home machine)

Anyway, here's how far I got with that, one page of not all my knit dresses:
1) the sketchbook is too big for my scanner
2) my scanner only works with my feeble laptop
3) Photoshop crashes on the laptop WAY too often
4) I want to color them up digitally, in Photoshop

A huge cycle of "can't" -- one factor of my meltdown on Tuesday.
This morning, I came up with a better solution -- draw + color them using the Brushes App on my iPad!
I shot the flat template with the iPad, then placed it into the Brushes App.
And drew!
Now, I don't have to bother with scanning, I've got my digital coloring, and I'll get more practice drawing on the iPad!
Win, win, win!

Sylvia's challenge was a lot of fun. I didn't win any prizes (boohoo) but gained lots of friends!
Here is a link to Lesson One, if you're curious. Lots of interesting comments in every lesson.

On a sidenote, I want to figure out how to draft a pattern for that striped-edge jacket up there in my collage. Isn't it amazing?